Sudenpolku – Wolf’s trail in Nousiainen



I heard about this trail in a local tv’s nature show. I was amazed how beautiful it looked and that I had never heard about it before. So one sunny Saturday I decided to go check it out. And it was far greater than I expected.



The trail name Wolf’s trail apparently comes from the makers of the trail: it is made and maintained by a local sports team called Nousiaisten Susi (Nousiainen Wolf).I had only printed a map from the web page but that was enough to get me to the starting place and once I found the beginning of the trail it was so well marked that I had no trouble following it.



The trail offered great senery, variety of different nature types, a lovely creek, an ancient stony grave site and many more experiences.



There are two trails – a shorter one and a longer one continuing from the shorter trail. I had spent so much time taking pictures and wondering the beaty of nature that I had time to only take the shorter trail. But that’s ok – now I have a great place to go when I fancy a day trip.



For more information (only in Finnish) about the trail