Nature tour to Kurjenrahka national park


In the end of April I got to participate in an overnight nature tour to Kurjenrahka national park together with a group from Venlojen vaellus (



We began our tour from Rantapiha and first we did the popular Savojärvi tour – a great tour around the lake Savojärvi.



The well marked path goes really close to the lake for most of the time and the nature is mostly wetland or bog. Sturdy wooden blanks are well needed in the wet spring nature.



In the April the nature is just waking up after the cold and long winter.



After the Savojärvi tour we headed off to Lakjärvi which has a fire place with fire wood supply, couple wooden lean-tos and a wooden outhouse. It was couple kilometers’ walk and once we arrived we cooked lunch and set up our tents. For the rest of the evening we just hang out, enjoying the peace of nature and the serenity and quietness.



The next morning we had breakfast and packed our backpacks. We took the Pukkipalo tour (total of 9 kilometers) back to Rantapiha. The Pukkipalo tour offers a great variety of nature and is an excellent day trip destination.