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Experience Finnish nature on our guided nature walking tour

Are you hoping to experience beautiful Finnish nature but you don’t know where to go and how to get there? We are here to help you: Happy Paths offers guided nature walking tours in Turku and Naantali area. Join our tour and you too can enjoy the clean nature, listen to its wonderful sounds and see the many wonders nature has to offer visitors.

Happy Paths guided nature walking tour is an easy way to include nature to your stay. We provide you with transportation, guide’s services and snacks and drinks during the tour. You can just relax and enjoy the amazing Finnish nature and reap the benefits of nature connection.

Blueberry safari – guided tour

Enjoy berries and nature!

White night guided walk

A peaceful guided late night walk

Private group on request

A private tour customized for your needs

About Anu

As an outdoor enthusiast, Anu enjoys a variety of activities in nature including hiking, camping, canoeing, sailing, cross-country and downhill skiing and snowshoeing.

Anu’s fascination with the natural world began from early childhood Sunday walks to the nearby forest. Interest grew and skills developed in scouts and in years of practice and most recently Wilderness Guide studies have brought in-depth knowledge. With Happy Paths nature tours Anu is helping visitors in Naantali and Turku area to get memorable experiences in Finnish nature. Anu has experienced the many benefits of spending time out in nature and it is her mission to enable the same for as many visitors as possible.

On a nature tour led by Anu you will get more than just nature education, you’ll rediscover the sense of wonder that many lose with the onset of adulthood. For Anu guiding is more than a career, it’s a true passion, and nothing makes her happier than providing people with new life experiences in nature.

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